Saturday is Caption Day....

over at Mammasaurus. Below is one of my few remaining skills. One day it could save a life. I can also lick the end of my nose and do remarkable things with spinach.

If I fall under a bus this will be the last picture ever taken of me. So what would be a dignified caption?


  1. Years of childbearing had altered the middle aged matron's body beyond all recognition.

  2. This is a way to get the swelling in your legs from a hectic Matron Mother day down!

    (Impressed! x)

  3. The Vicar wasn't sure that this was the normal way of marking Women's World Day of Prayer.

  4. "Buried upside down so the World can kiss her arse"

  5. you can tell a headstand pro by the way she knows how to tuck her shirt in. nothing is left to chance.

  6. its certainly a different way to dry hats by using my feet!!

  7. I can do this parenting lark standing on my head!

  8. Astronaut training for Britain's first moon landing was going well

  9. Banana splits are so 1980's - Matron splits is where it's at!

    Great skillz missus - now what can you do with spinach?!

  10. Taking the YMCA to a whole new level ;-)

  11. Now down a lager.

  12. This is my, 'salutations to the sun'.

  13. 'Y.....M.....C....A"

    everybody join in!!

  14. Everything looks better from here.

  15. The pincer-move was getting slightly more elaborate.

  16. what page of the kama sutra is this on????

  17. So if I do this for an hour everyday I won't need sleep? Well ok...

  18. She was advised that standing on her head everyday would counteract everything heading south.

  19. She wondered if by standing on her head she might be able to remember life before children?

  20. "The emergency exits are Here (gestures with one boot) and here *with the other*

  21. The effects of the nightly lager were beginning to take their toll.

  22. Ah, but can you do a forward roll?

    Such an unfair question I know. Love, but love the foot wear.

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