Adrift in Drought

This week's 100 Word Challenge from Julia's Place requires us to incorporate the words 'but I turned it off'.  Which is timely because...

I bought a pickaxe when we moved here and sought solace in savaging the vicarage garden. From the soil I extracted seven ancient keys, 32 bricks and a femur. Into the soil I put horse dung, roses and deadly monkshood. As the plants grew I felt myself take root in our new landscape. The progress of peas seemed to chart my own flourishing. When I faltered, I pickaxed ponds. Then they announced the hosepipe ban. My serenity may wilt along with the unwatered garden and so, nozzle poised over my unfilled third crater, I panicked. But I turned it off.   


  1. The dreaded hose pipe ban ........ hopefully you won't be tempted into clandestine, middle of the night, pond filling.
    I was intrigued by the 7 ancient keys, 32 bricks and a femur - surely another story?

  2. I was hooked on the whole thing, but especially deadly monkshood. Off to Google..

  3. If I could, I'd run a hose from Yorkshire to wherever you are :)

  4. We have plenty water in Scotland cause it rains all the time lol !

  5. What a great garden you have, you could have your own treasure hunt!

  6. Very topical, and a nice take on the theme.

  7. Hope the garden flourishes with or without a hosepipe ban. If only they could grow on love alone this one would be a paradise.


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