Where I Do It

Sahdandproud has displayed his biscuit-eating head-quarters (where he also does a bit of writing) on his blog and is now keen to know where I do it.

The truth is, up in the guest room, as far as possible from the biscuit tin, so that I burn off maximum calories in the regular commute to and from it. I'm glad of the interruption, for this is where I battle writer's block and where my kittens battle my mouse.

To the right is the sheaf of deadlines that I'm supposed to be meeting this morning and on the screen is Mr SandP's website and Twitter tag over which I'm idling instead. The calendar and the trees remind me which season we're really in, for the guest room is so frigid I'm in thermals all year round.

I would like to nose into the secrets of Katetakes5, Himupnorth and Mills&Boonwannabe. With thanks to Bibsey for the original brainwave.


  1. I wonder where Topaz and Cleft do it?

  2. I love this. I want a place like this. So grown up. And with cat.

  3. Hey that's my cat! You can keep her if you give me that gorgeous desk... Got my photo ready to go - will post it up next week. Thanks. x


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