Versatile Blogging

Oldermum has kindly awarded me a green square labelled The Versatile Blogger. Presumably that's because I've demonstrated versatility by managing to display, in the course of two Saturdays, photos ranging from an elderly gentleman standing in a doorway in a funny hat to a scarecrow standing in a garden in a funny hat.

In order propertly to merit this award, I must:

1: Thank the person who tagged me.
2: Share seven facts about myself.
3: Pass the award on to 15 deserving bloggers.

I must also master the technology to import said green square onto this website. My versatility may well not extend to this, so you might have to imagine it - it's green with flecks on and has four straight sides.

So -

1: Thanks again Oldermum.

2: The Secret Seven:

I have kept a journal every day for 28 years. Narcissism presumably drives me, plus an idea that, if I were one day to re-read them all chronologically, some kind of order might emerge out of life's randomness. Translating daily monotonies into blue ink gives them a sense of purpose.

I have never become sophisticated enough for wine-drinking. Lager by the half pint is as far as I've got.

My ingredients for bliss are a spade, a barrowful of compost and a needy herbaceous border to shovel it onto. And a lager and scone for after.

Five years after buying the thing, I haven't memorised my mobile phone number.

I have an inexplicable aversion to peas, hairdressing salons, remote control handsets and visitors' centres.

Every time I cook rice I burn the saucepan. In fact, every time I cook anything I burn the saucepan.

I can still do an elegant headstand. This is a useful ice breaker when small talk runs out in parish gatherings.

3: I am too new to blogging to have identified 15 blogs I could pass the award on to. Those I admire (see below) most will certainly have tasted the green square long ago.

So instead of presenting a gong, I shall simply thank Katetakes5, Himupnorth and Sahdandproud for their patient advice and encouragement as I've blundered blindly into cyberspace (but if any of the three of you have not had your versatility officially recognised, please help yourself to the badge, if you can work out how to!).


  1. Aw how lovely of you, of course that means I am stuck with you now doesn't it?

  2. Well, we could have a public falling out on Twitter!

  3. I've had the same mobile for 6 years ... my OH keeps pestering me to change it! :o).


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