Kate on Thin Ice has kindly offered me a Reader Appreciation Award. I don't fully earn it, however, until I have faced down an inquisition. I'm not sure my readers will appreciate wading through my mental trivia, but I'm always greedy for gongs so, with multiple apologies, here's my life story:

Where do you do most of your writing/blogging?

At a desk by the spare room window so I can keep an eye on the Vicar as he paces the parish and watch passing drivers discover the council's vicious new speed bumps.

What books were your childhood favourites?

Dostoevsky saw me through my first years of primary school. Oh, all right - it was Enid Blyton! I refused to read anything else until I was 15. Then I discovered Anne of Green Gables and Tom's Midnight Garden and have yet to find anything to match them.

Who is your favourite fictional character?

Anne of Green Gables, obviously. And the murderess in My Cousin Rachel (Daphne du Maurier).

Have you ever Googled yourself and been surprised at what you've found?

Yes. First up was the lunch menu at Tim's on Lake Anna. Their torch-lit tiki bar is apparently an unforgettable place to eat pulled pork.

What is your favourite time of day and why?

Mornings when my freshly-brushed children come down to eat my freshly cooked breakfast and swap loving confidences about the day ahead. Actually, I'm lying. Mornings are a pauseless banshee wail and invariably involve a catastrophe in the cat litter tray. My favourite time of day is 8.15pm. Because that's when I open my bottle of beer.

Who would play me in a movie of my life?

Whichever Hollywood mega star is prepared to have three bristles latexed to their chin.

One material possession I could not live without.

My daily journal. Or rather all 30 volumes of them. Haven't missed an entry since 1983 so if they ended up in a skip I would, quite literally, be throwing my life away.

Have you ever been naked in public?

Are you kidding? I've never appeared without at least three thermal layers in public (although I have developed a strategy for discreetly shedding my vest when it gets hot on buses).

What is your dream car?

I'm quite happy with the family Skoda.

What/who/where was your first proper kiss?

I thought this was supposed to be a literary quiz...

Is that it? Yes, seems that's it. Except that I have to tag some others whose literary achievements I appreciate. Are you up for it Sahdandproud, Random Pearls of Wisdom and Bibsey?


  1. On at least two of these answers you got me thinking "Oh she is not like me at all" but then revealed the horrible truth about us both.
    I have the Anne of Green Gables thing going on too.
    I guess I need to steal those journals to discover the first kiss details. Come on! Fess up!

  2. Yes, let's have the first kiss! I'm gonna tell...

    1. Done and dusted... but I think I may have missed the point of the whole thing. Thought it was an award for readers... to show that you appreciated them. Erm, but now revisiting your post, it seems that it is an award given by an appreciative reader. Or can it be read both ways?

    2. I dunno either. Not sure it's much of a reward for any loyal readers having to wade through this!

  3. Always up for it, I will endeavor to comply sometime next week !! ;-)

  4. Tim's on Lake Anna sounds like a fine eatery and I'm very impressed that you've never missed a day from your daily journal!

    1. I'm sure it is, but I'm annoyed that it's beat me to it in the Google rankings!

  5. This is lovely. Very you. You had me gasping at your untrue answers before giving us the honest ones!

    1. Now why shoud the thought of me having orderly routines make you gasp?!

  6. Sorry. iPad. You know what I mean! :/

  7. Ah, but IS she a murderer in My Cousin Rachel?

    1. Yes, I'm certain she is. The sixth reading more or less proves it!

  8. Anne of GG is yet more proof that we are soulmates.

    And you thoroughly deserve this award!


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