Here, for me, is the essence of childhood. It's encapsulated in:

The sheltering, matching, multi-hued brollies. The childish world is a Technicolored one in which things are more vivid, more vital, more entrancing than in the monochrome landscapes of midlife. Within this rainbow world they are shielded from the colder blasts of reality. And fortunate children in fortunate families are sheltered by the strong ties of belonging; the certainty that they are interconnected and indispensable.

The motionless wonderment. A doorbell button, an excavated worm, a snowy walk to school are marvels to minds unsullied by experience.

The freedom. It's my problem, not theirs, if they get cold and wet.

The trust. In that pause before following the footsteps into wider horizons, they rely on my judgement that they are equal to the adventure and my intervention if it menaces them.

This is part of a blog-hop organised by Patch of Puddles to highlight the plight of West African children who have been deprived by drought and poverty of such a childhood. The charity Worldvision has until 30th August to raise funds that will be matched £1 for £1 by the British government. Donations will provide food, sanitation, health services and long-term development programmes for destitute families. I tag Midlifesinglemum and Older Mum to choose a photo that they think sums up childhood to help spread the word.


  1. Re your tweet, you're right. Thanks for tagging me. I'll do it later today. Maybe even use my Silent Sunday photo. And I love your photo.

    1. Thank you. And good for you. Thought you'd rise gracefully to this occasion.

  2. Even when its a few short paragraphs, you are so eloquent! Thank you for the tag - will definitely get around to doing this!

  3. Hi Anna, thank you for sharing your thoughts on lost childhood for Merry's blog hop - we're sorry we didn't reply to this sooner!

    A technicoloured world is a lovely way to think of childhood and it is vital we offer this world to all children, no matter where they are born.

    We've added your photo to our lost childhood photo wall - - make sure to stop by and look at the other entries!


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