My Private Fantasies

The prompt from this week's 100 Word Challenge at Julia's Place is the red box

My private fantasies are stuffed in my sock drawer. Sometimes I spirit them out for savouring. 
A seaside cottage is the wildest, sketched in ink on the folded paper. Then a cedar tree casting blue shadows on a lawn I don't possess; a month on Greek islands, a crate of manure, a navy wool dress from Boden....
Occasionally, with appropriate guilt, I realise one of them. 
But, on Budget Day, the red box was raised like a cosh over the nation. ‘We're all in this together,’ says the Chancellor. 
I am already fortunate. Many aren’t. So I threw my secret list away. 


  1. An original way to link to the prompt. I enjoyed this. Thanks for the read.

  2. Lovely piece, I really enjoyed reading this.

  3. Interesting and creative. :)

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