Feeble Sunshine

Sahdandproud, Random Pearls of Wisdom and The Voice of Sarah Miles have bestowed upon me the February Sunshine Award. I don't like sunshine in February; I like snow, and I have to say that as memes go this one is pretty daft. But it's impolite to ignore a kindly tag, especially from a man like Sahdandproud who can craft Margaret Beckett out of a potato. Before I can claim the honour, I have to answer the following probing questions. Hopefully the revelations therein will bring sunshine into your chill, dank February.

Favourite colour: Depends, doesn't it. In a herbaceous border, blue, obviously. In my wardrobe, green. Or sludge.

Favourite animal: Cat. Or it was until my tabby weed on the guest room duvet. Seal then. My collection of fluffy toy seals won me my place at university.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Er, water.

Facebook or Twitter: Twitter. Gossip in 140 characters is a still-evolving art form.

Favourite number: 54. That's the age at which, by means as yet unidentified, I mean to become rich and leisured.

Favourite day of the week: Monday. It's the Vicar's day off and the day on which we make ourselves queasy with a pub ploughmans and the Daily Mail.

Getting or giving presents: You have to say giving, don't you, to boost your blog stats - but it's my birthday next week....

Favourite pattern - For Heaven's sake, who devised this meme? Bare branches sketched against a night sky.

Favourite flower: deadly monkshood. Because it's blue (see above).

Now I have to pass this ordeal onto a handful of others who irradiate the blogosphere. So, get soul-searching:


Can I go now?


  1. Our blooming cat also peed on a duvet lol

  2. Thanks for doing this. Sorry it was such an ordeal
    *Writes down 'NEVER ASK AM TO DO ANOTHER MEME'* In marker pen. On arm. ;-)
    Wuv woo.

  3. Am so far ahead of myself that I've done my Sunshine post even before replying to this, and thanking you for the tag...

  4. Your birthday isn't on valentine's day is it? Just asking. LOVE new look of blog.

  5. Whoa, you've had a makeover! Loving it.

    I was touting for meme victims this afternoon. You missed it. Doh.

  6. Nice makeover!

    I was going to be rich and leisured by 30. Hmm.


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