Around the World in 80 Words - India

I'm rather besotted by Sahdandproud's new linky to write up a global destination in no more than 80 words. Given that I've spent the last two months trying to condense wit and wisdom into Twitter's 140-character quota, 80 words seem positively incontinent. I am worried, however, that my previous effort on winceyette in Weston-super-Mare may cause some to conclude that I do not lead a glamorous life. So this week I'm going exotic to show you that before parish and progeny tethered me, I had Been Places!

You smell the dawn in India. It wafts from the dried-dung fires that warm the street-dwellers; from the holy cows nosing the gutters; from the men defecating beneath walls. It’s light when the women trudge to the edge of town for more discreet necessity. And through the light come the school children, balancing round lunch tins. Men crouch on the kerb to be shaved. A buffalo drowses with a bird on its head. And the cacophony, dulled by nightfall, resumes. 

If you want to try globe-trotting in miniature and don't have a blog, feel free to use my comments box. All royalties to Sahdandproud. I dare you!


  1. I just love your writing MAM. The above stimulates every sense but not sure i want to go there now.

  2. I think I like the sound of Weston-super-Mare better!

  3. The pungent smell of India - never got that far. Must have another go at this, but on a more local scale!

  4. Brilliant 80 words. India is a heady smelly mix. Magical in hindsight.


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