Suddenly we have acquired kittens. Two pretty brothers hailed us from a cage in the rescue centre and begged us loudly for a home. But first we had to prove ourselves to the scary lady who wielded a fat folder. She paced through our house, examining our plumbing and our characters, seeking nerve-wrackingly for a cause or just impediment why we and these two felines should not be joined together.

So grateful were we to be found worthy that we agreed at once to expand our family. Now the house smells, the curtains are shredded and there is an unexpected IMP@ct oN my W*rking LiFE. The kittens Per@MBULATE A%cr*SS mY KEYBoard and take naps on CAPS LOCK so my editors at THe GUardiAn will think I'm SHOUTING. They take my computer mouse literally, claw a passage up my back and nest flatulently in my best hat. My guilty, secret Boden fund has been swallowed up by jellied rabbit pouches and I'm buying nappy bags again. But this is why it's all worth it:


  1. Aw that grey and white one looks like ours. We originally got 2 from the local shelter also but thankfully one ran away :)

  2. Very cute! it's nice that you took them both, as they will be company for each other and you know they'll get on (most of the time). They might even hunt as a pair.
    Give them a little stroke from me, as I'm allergic to cats. :-((((

  3. If they're anything like your last two they'll end up hating each other and thickening the vicarage air with their animosity. But they look ADORABLE so far...

  4. surely buying a baby on the internet has got to be better than TWO CATS!!!!


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